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Since its beginning, H.E.A.T. has grown to be quite a sizable group. Charter members are those who joined the group within its first year, Members in good standing are what might be termed as 'normal members'. Names in italics means that person is a member of the Order of Kalmaku which basically means they've done something in the group which is outstanding.
What follows is the role call of our great group;

Charter Members
Tim Applegate, Alex Benavides, Michael Bond, Bill Brackeen, David Copson, Ken Cox, Mark Dahley, Steve Eldridge, Mike Genovese, Jack Grimes, Brian Huberd, John Keady, Matthew Krevat, Joe Linehan, Scott McWade, Rich Morrissey, John Penninger, Marty Petkovsek, Harry Phillipo, Mike Stemmle, Joe Sturgeon, Fritz Weidner, Steve Wright
Members in Good Standing
Fabio Ricardo Balaguer, David Bennett, Will Benson, Jason A. Beranek, Zachary Bond, Will Broadbent, TJ Burns, Schuyler Campbell, Darrel W. Carter, Drew Compton, Joshua Copson, Richard Croxton, Luis Dantas, Michael DePalo, Geoff Gibson, Darrell Grimes, Randy Hall, Jeff Harris, J. Charles Hazelwood, John Hefner, Michael Hutchison, Theresa Jordan, Brian Langlois, Quentin Long, Mike McClester, Jamion McNeil, James Miller, Todd Millhouse, Ray Misra, Kent Orlando, Parallax, Nick Pellizzeri, Ryan Phillipo, Rob Queen, Jay Roberson, Myron Rumsey, Kenny Seghers, Andrew Smith, Glenn Summers, Tony Thompson, Chris Weidner, Peter Weidner, Rome, Matt Fox, Sula Feff, Gethin, Rick Ayres, Brian Sullivan, Adam Lina
Honorary Members
Karen Bond, Dean Peterson
Pro. Honor Guard
Murphy Anderson, John Broome, Joe Giella, Gil Kane, Julius Schwartz
Pro. Honorary Members
Mike Allred, Jay Busbee, Kurt Busiek, Tony Isabella, Andrew Kardon, Alex Ross, Rob Schwager

All members are entitled to be on the H.E.A.T. mailing list and will receive a H.E.A.T. membership card if they want one. If a member on this lists wants either of these then all he has to do is drop us a line.
This list may not be entirely accurate due to a number of reasons, including the ever changing membership roster, certain members not wanting their names included on a public list, and time constraints.