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You can imagine my shock when I first went to Cheeks' the Toy Wonder's Silver Age comic book website and found out that I was in charge of Project 3600. Earlier that week, on the HEAT mailing list, I suggested it'd be a great idea if we could collect comics for children's hospitals, schools, and other charities. 4 days later, I found out that not only were we going to be doing this charity, I'd be running it.
Within a week the boxes began coming in. Some of the shipments were very small and others numbered in the hundreds, but the generosity of comic fans both in and out of our organization enabled us to collect more than 4000 comics and enough monetary donations to pay for the shipping. I sorted through all the comics and found a few books that didn't meet the criteria of being appropriate for kids under 12 and those were traded in for more child friendly books at All-American Comics where they definitely overpaid and made a sizable donation themselves.
Some of the books were no doubt easy to get rid of. I know that I donated some really bad books and others did as well, but people also donated books that they just wanted some kid to get the chance to read even if it was valuable either monetarily or sentimentally. I know that the post office was surprised on the day I started bringing in the collection, but it was an overwhelmingly successful project. It's been several years and I hope some of the kids who were first exposed to comics through the project are still reading them.

- Joe Linehan